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Tony Ranaudo is Mr Romance...Read the Story

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Tony Ranaudo is "MR. ROMANCE"

Romantic Times Newsletter Editor
~Phyllis Jean~ 

And the winner is. . .

Is he gorgeous? Without a doubt!

Is he charming? Very much so!

Is he the quiet, shy type? Um. . .well, two out of three ain't bad!  

Meet TONY RANAUDO, this year's winner of the Mr. Romance Cover Model Pageant. 

From the moment Tony Ranaudo, a man of many talents, (model, comedian, actor--just to name a few) stepped out on stage, he wooed the crowd with his rugged good looks and bad-boy charm. Shortly after this year's Mr. Romance was announced, the stage was overrun with a barrage of screaming females and enthusiastic well-wishers, all clamoring for a chance to congratulate the stunned winner.  

But Tony, true to form, seemed to recover quickly as he greeted members of the audience with a winning smile and patiently posed for picture after picture with many of his fans.  

From the back of the room, I watched as a continuous flash of cameras illuminated the stage with all the flare and precision of a well-planned light show. I couldn't help but smile each time an uproarious wave of laughter rose from the stage area. I had no doubt that Tony Ranaudo was at it again.  

I had the pleasure of having Tony as my "pose-down" partner for the costume competition. In rehearsal, Tony always said something to make me laugh just before I was cued to go on stage. Rarely do I meet someone who is able to keep me on my toes, but Tony's quick wit and off-the-wall humor proved to be a delightful challenge.  

Needless to say, on the day of the show, I found it necessary to threaten him with bodily harm should he say or do anything to get me tickled. As my character was "Tears Like Rain" I was afraid that with Tony I would become "Laughs Like Hyena" before it was all over!

In light of this year's Mr. Romance winner, I am reminded of a question I have often asked women in the past. That being, "What do you look for in a hero?" The answers have varied from the usual "good looks, big heart, romantic qualities, charming personality", but the one thing that has always been consistent is "someone who makes me laugh." 

Well ladies, looks like we have ourselves a winner in Tony Ranaudo! 

~Phyllis Jean                    

Romantic Times Newsletter Editor

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Tony Ranaudo on Stage at the Mr Romance Competition


Tony Ranaudo on Stage at the Mr Romance Competition




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