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Tony Ranaudo is not just your ordinary Italian kid from New Jersey.  Sure he grew up in a traditional Italian family, with loud uncles and cousins, and a great-grandmother who when it came to food didn’t understand the words “I’m full”. What makes Tony so interesting is that his life story was closer to that of the “Ugly Duckling”.  He literally went from dork to debonair, almost overnight.  Tony, who couldn’t get a date in High School to save his life, has recently won the coveted title of Mr. Romance and is now gracing the covers of Romance Novels as well as writing his own monthly romance column “Dear Mr. Romance”, and that’s not all.  Tony’s appearance is somewhat misleading, but this fantasy man has a knack for funny.  Tony is a Stand-up Comedian.  How is that possible?  Well, just like the song says “He’s got personality!”

 Since winning the Mr. Romance title Tony has made several public appearances including Comedy Clubs and Conventions. He has started his own Romance column, and has become a Recurring Guest Host on  “The Other Half” with Dick Clark and Danny Bonaduce.  After Tony’s first appearance on the show they brought him back immediately for an encore. 

 Now this all didn’t happen overnight.  Tony has been dedicated to his Comedy and Acting career since the beginning. Which happened to start with a commercial campaign for the Colorado Lottery, Tony portrayed an Elvis impersonator.  Since that day Tony has appeared in more commercials, had Guest starring and Co-starring roles on several TV shows, lead roles in several independent films, and Tony has also Starred in his own Sit-Com Pilot "Life's A Stage".

 Tony has opened for George Lopez & Judy Tenuta, as well as touring the country on the Def Comedy circuit as an opener for Sheryl Underwood.  Also he recently produced his own One-Man Comedy show at The Del Close theatre in Hollywood called, “The Art of the Tease”.

Tony Ranaudo is the exception to the Rule. He is a unique individual with a real zest for life. Tony continues to work at and polish his craft called "Comedy". He has one goal in mind, and that is to be a well-rounded and versatile entertainer.


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New Jersey Italian Kid Breaks Balls on Life! The kid is Nuts...he's absolutely hysterical.

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