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Short Film Produced by Tony Ranaudo    



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New Jersey Italian Kid Breaks Balls on Life! The kid is Nuts...he's absolutely hysterical.

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Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero?





HD6 - Tony Ranaudo is Sharkman



HD6 - Stoli is The Creature

Short Film Produced by Tony Ranaudo

March First Films presents its first film short, "HD6".  A 28 minute Digital film starring Stoli and Tony Ranaudo.  “HD6”  is a Comedy Adventure shot on location in Miami Florida, for a wopping budget of $129.00.  How you ask?  Well, Stoli and Tony did it all themselves.  They Created, Wrote, Directed, Produced, as well as Edited the entire film on their Home Computer.

The story is a simple one, though its simplicity is quite profound.  As children most of us dreamed of being some sort of Superhero with amazing superpowers………but as we grow older these dreams dissipate.

HD6"  is an absolutely Action packed Hysterical Adventure about two guys on vacation who accidentally stumble upon their eminent fate of becoming Superheroes.  Stoli and Tony are on the adventure of their lives.  They go to Miami Beach as Tony and Stoli, but they're coming back as "SHARKMAN" & "THE CREATURE"

Watch as this true to life story unfolds right before your eyes.

"Have you ever wanted to be a Superhero?"






HD6 - Starring Stoli and Tony Ranaudo



HD6 - Starring Stoli and Tony Ranaudo


Screenings & Festivals


Premiere Night

Dec. 19th, 2002

Hollywood, CA.


Park City, Utah





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